Express your creativity!

reaDIYmate is about creating great things that come alive by connecting to the digital world.
We made it easy to change shapes & graphics, program your own behaviors or add inputs & outputs.

Don't be shy, try it out! reaDIYmate is a fully open-source project.

Shapes & graphics

Download the templates

These templates are provided under the Creative Commons BY-NC license. Have fun!

Create new shapes

Build your own shapes around the Motor + Sound Building Block, using whatever material you like: laser-cut wood, modeling clay, lego, vintage objects...

Have a look at what others have done during our Beta program:

  • Hacked MonQee
  • Augmented vintage clock
  • Personal notifier
  • Ambiant orb
  • Lego presence detector

Show us what you've done!

Send us pictures of what you've done with your reaDIYmate.

We'll be opening a gallery soon, featuring the design of great reaDIYmate users like you.

Just send an email to, with a few pictures of your creation and telling us what was your intention.

Software and hardware

Arduino resources

If you are familiar with Arduino or wanting to learn, this is for you.
Help yourself, everything is open source (LGPL license).

Want to add I/Os?

reaDIYmate is compatible with the Seeedstudio Grove components system but we also made sure that you can plug your Arduino shield. Just open the box!

Hackers, welcome!

Want to get your hands dirty?
Here's some information you may need.

Any questions?

If you're lost or want to share what you're planning to build just email us at and we will point you to the right direction.

For those who want the source code of the iOS app, the reaDIYmate assistant (QT), the web-app (Code Igniter), just ask, they're not ready for prime time but we'll be happy to share what we've built!

And finally, have a look at the FAQ and the forums in our support center.