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reaDIYmate features in details

Connect to your digital life

Real world meets digital world

Have your reaDIYmate dance and sing when things happen in your private digital life (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare) or anywhere on the Internet (SoundCloud, RSS feeds...). You can also have them post a status, send a tweet or many other things by the mere push of a button. Watch video.

Of course, you get to choose which part of your digital life you want to connect to, and which one you don't want to hear about in the real life!

Get a full picture of what you can to with your reaDIYmate.

DIY-ready all the way

Your creativity is the limit

Everything has been thought of to allow you to personalize your reaDIYmate the way you like.

If you are into design, draw on blank templates, design your own shapes using your favorite technique or hack existing objects! See examples from Beta users.

For coders - amateur or expert - create your own programs using Arduino.

And hacking the electronics has never been more simple!

Sound & motion

...and a brain too

reaDIYmates are smart. Well, not as much as your computer, but enough to run a program, fetch data on the Internet and obey their master! See full technical specs.

In addition to thinking, here is what they can do:

  • Play MP3s, and store them on an included 2Gb memory card. Their voice is loud enough to fill a room, like a small radio
  • Move their head, arm or fold/unfold depending on the species of your reaDIYmate

A new friend for your iPhone

Control your reaDIYmate from anywhere

Use our free iPhone app to control your reaDIYmate in real time with your smartphone accelerometer.

It works via the Internet, so you can be miles away from your reaDIYmate, and even control several ones at the same time thanks to the "Follow" feature.

Choose your style

19 different shapes & designs

The reaDIYmate family includes fun Paper Toys designed by international artists (Tougui, Mr Kone, Dolly Oblong & Guillain le Vilain) and poetic Kinetic Sculptures created by the French design studio IDSL.

All these shapes are also available in blank for you to design your own art pieces!

Wifi connectivity

Your computer can stay off

reaDIYmates connect to the Internet using Wifi.

You just have to plug them once to your computer and use our Wifi Assistant to enter your Wifi password.

Learn programming with real things

Great for beginners and advanced programmers

The reaDIYmates can be programmed using the Arduino language and free development environment.

We have developed libraries and APIs that make it easy to control the speaker, motor and access data over the Internet.

It's a great way to learn physical computing without hassle!

Hacker friendly

Open hardware & plug-and-play connectors

Unscrew the box and discover a fully open-source board featuring solderless connectors and compatible with most Arduino shields. Watch video to see the inside!.

Add sensors and actuators from the SEEED Studio Grove series, and leave your soldering iron on a shelf!

See the technical specs.