Technical specifications

Technical specifications
Microcontroller ATMega 1280
Wi-fi module Roving Networks RN-171
WEP not supported. Not compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi
Sound MP3 decoder VS1011, 2W amplifier, volume potentiometer
Storage Micro SD socket, 2Gb micro SD card included
Connectivity 4 plug-and-play solderless connectors compatible with Seeed Studio Grove series, stackable with most Arduino shields. Mini-USB port with USB cable included
Power supply 9V 1A output with exchangeable US, UK and European sockets
Speaker 4 Ohm 3W speaker with solderless connectors
Motor ES08A servo motor (weight: 8.5 g, torque: 1.5/1.8
Cardboard brick Die-cut micro-corrugated cardboard cube. Dimensions: 55mm x 55mm x 55mm
Data cable 5 wire data cable with solderless connectors. Diameter: 4mm, length: 50cm
Paper templates 250g/m2 die-cut paper templates (3 to 7 A4 sheets depending on model), glue dots, transparent stickers